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The 65th Cocoa Study Group Kansai

I attended the 65th Cocoa Study Group Kansai held in Osaka on January 23th.



Horizontal Scrolling Jumping Game Development with SpriteKit (@studioshin)

Cocoa World with AppleScript (@Piyomaru)

To be written.

Nayami Enumerations (@JPMartha_jp)

Image Recognition Service and Lightroom Plugin (@matuyuji)

Apple TV Tech Talks (@niwatako)

To be written.


We went to an izakaya. I looked at a toreta using at the counter.


I had studied a lot for my presentation. It feels meaningful for me to make a presentation at a study group.

The next study group is Kanmoba in Kyoto on 27th. I should get my ducks in a row.