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The Kansai Mobile Application Workshop #10 (Kanmoba)

I attended the Kansai Mobile Application Workshop #10 held in Kyoto on January 27th.


Lightning Talks

OkHttp (@n_morioka)

Google Analytics on Windows (@itok_twit)

The iOS Development View from a Newcomer (@tomohi_ro)

To be written.

Interface Builder (@cockscomb)

To be written.

RxSwift (@usamik26)

Pancake with SourceKitten (@JPMartha_jp)

Documentation (@griffin_stewie)

Android Emulator Tips (@takuji31)

SwiftLint (@ikesyo)

App Renewal (@yashigani)

To be written.

Prototyping: Fake It Till You Make It (@niwatako)

To be written.

SwiftAndroid (@matuyuji)

The Kid that Everyone's Talking about (@shio312)

To be written.

Default Margin Disabler (@mshibanami)



I have tried to give my presentation every time. As a result, I got used to do that. But, I'm sure there's still room for improvement.

By the way, I couldn't explain that well in English, so it took time for me. Some people had written their blogs by the time I came home. All things considered, I think it's better to write in Japanese. But I don't worry about that, and I keep trying in English.