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#tryswiftconf 💥 Impressions of the "try! Swift" Conference

👉 日本語


I had attended the try! Swift conference in Tokyo from March 2nd to 4th.

It made me so happy. I'm grateful to all of the staff! ☺️

Great Works

Not to mention, all speakers were awesome. So, I mention other than that.


It was awesome to organize such a big conference attended by over 500 people. 👏


Simultaneous Interpreters

The simultaneous interpreters had great ability.

I felt the same as the following @shu223 's tweet.

I wondered they understood more than I. 🙄

Breakfast & Lunch

It's yummy. 😋



@niwatako is a simultaneous blogger like a simultaneous interpreter. 😮

He also has sweets simultaneously. 🍰🍹

@itok_twit & @niwatako



I don't have any complaints. If I had to say, the following feedbacks:

Expecting @k_katsumi's Speech

I'm grateful to @k_katsumi 's wonderful organizing.

But I'd like to hear his speech as a Swift developer. 🙏

Because he is one of the most famous developer in Japan. 🇯🇵

Hope for the Opening

If possible, I hope the opening will be a little Later. (e.g. 9:30am) 🙇

It was impossible for me to go to Shibuya at 8:30am. 😅

And trains are packed during rush hour. I think it's hard for the people from far away with their luggage. 🚉


I might well upload other pictures. ☺️

@shu223's Sticker & @hitonomichi

@shu223 is the author of iOS-9-Sampler, iOS8-Sampler, iOS7-Sampler and so on. This sticker is printed with his product's icons.


try! Swift Celebration


Afterparty on March 2nd

@tinpay , @usamik26 , @shu223 , @itok_twit & @hitonomichi


Night View in Shibuya


Pancake in Shibuya


Off Topic

The Starbucks food 🍪 is so good that I ate a lot. I worried whether I could wear the T-shirt, but I could do it 💪

And I joined the Apple User Group Meeting Kobe wearing this T-shirt on March 6th. 👤


Next, I'll attend to the Fenrir Developer's Seminer wearing it in Matsue - Ruby city - on March 12th. 👻