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#tryswiftconf 💥 Links to the Contents of "Dive into Swift Ecosystem" by @ikesyo

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This article intends to aggregate links to the contents of Dive into Swift Ecosystem by @ikesyo (Syo Ikeda) at try! Swift conference on March 2nd.

Dive into Swift Ecosystem

His slides are the following:


  • Open source Swift
  • Swift-related Services
  • Swift-related Dev Tools
  • Contribute to the services and tools

Open source Swift

Accepted community based proposals

swift-evolution/ at master · apple/swift-evolution · GitHub

N Proposals Implemented / Accepted
SE-0007 Remove C-style for-loops with conditions and incrementers Accepted proposals for Swift 3.0
SE-0008 Add a Lazy flatMap for Sequences of Optionals Accepted proposals for Swift 2.2
SE-0011 Replace typealias keyword with associatedtype for associated type declarations Implemented proposals for Swift 2.2
SE-0015 Tuple comparison operators Implemented proposals for Swift 2.2
SE-0028 Modernizing Swift's Debugging Identifiers (__FILE__, etc) Implemented proposals for Swift 3
SE-0031 Adjusting inout Declarations for Type Decoration Implemented proposals for Swift 3
SE-0034 Disambiguating Line Control Statements from Debugging Identifiers Implemented proposals for Swift 3

Swift-related Services

Online Code Editor

Heroku with Buildpacks


Online Docs

Continuous Integration

Codecov - Code Coverage


Swift-related Dev Tools

Package Management

Swift and Xcode

Resource Code Generation