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#swiftlang How to Exclude Subdirectory with The Swift Package Manager 💣

Updated: 2016-03-26

👉 日本語: Swift Package Manager (SPM) の除外設定 - Qiita

I hadn't noticed how to exclude subdirectory, but it has mentioned in the documentation. 😭


To exclude some files and directories without Swift file from Package, it's necessary to declare that in the Manifest file.

Tests or any subdirectory can be excluded via Manifest file.

swift-package-manager/ at swift-DEVELOPMENT-SNAPSHOT-2016-03-24-a · apple/swift-package-manager · GitHub

Package.swift — The Manifest File

For example, the APIHimotoKit package has the Documentation directory without Swift file. So, I declare the following in the Manifest File.

import PackageDescription

let package = Package(
    name: "APIHimotoKit",
    dependencies: [
        .Package(url: "",
            Version(2, 0, 0)),
        .Package(url: "",
            Version(2, 0, 0))
    exclude: ["Documentation"]

No Declaration

An error has occured when building.

error: NoSources("/.../Documentation")



The Swift Package Manager is still in early design and development. 🚧

We have discussed with it in the community, so it might be changed in the future. 👷🏻

and so on.

Environment in this case

  • OS X 10.11.4
  • swift-DEVELOPMENT-SNAPSHOT-2016-03-24-a

Dependency in this case


🚨 Please note, the following way might be gone. 😅

Fetch Pre-release version SR-1039 by kostiakoval · Pull Request #223 · apple/swift-package-manager · GitHub

It seems that the original APIKit and the original Himotoki have been released as the pre-release versions supporting the Swit Package Manager.

To specify the pre-release versions, set dependencies the following:

dependencies: [
    .Package(url: "",
        Version(2, 0, 0, prereleaseIdentifiers: ["beta", "2"])),
    .Package(url: "",
        Version(2, 0, 0, prereleaseIdentifiers: ["beta", "2"]))